Unlike villages, Mahatma Gandhi did not elaborate on his vision of a city. But India's modern cities desperately need him, as we are drowning in garbage and the spit of our cars. Our current urbanisation model is resource and capital intensive, using large amounts of land, water and forests and discharging a large amount of waste. We do not have the resources to upgrade our cities for all and to provide for all. We have no dream or vision of a city, no Gandhi to turn to, to ask how that city should be in order to be inclusive, yet diverse. With COVID, the issue of liveability of cities that can provide for the poorest migrants and for the health of all has become more critical. We need to reclaim public spaces and design it for the poorest of all; we need a mobility system that is modern enough for the privileged, yet affordable for the poorest, some of whom presently cannot even ride a bus. Gandhian values of frugality, equity and environment become extremely important if we want to make cities truly livable and inclusive.

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