“Man is not born to live in isolation but is essentially a social animal independent and interdependent” - Mahatma Gandhi
Traditional approaches to products in the disability space have focused on low cost and one-size-fits-all, compromising lifestyle and health. Quality and functionality have not been given importance when it comes to assistive and mobility devices, preventing people with disability from being equal participants in society. This webinar will take you through the journey of R2D2 at IIT Madras rooted in inclusive mindset and innovative, collaborative approaches with user focus, functionality, quality, and affordability as the guideposts at every step. The journey is underpinned by the belief that every person with disability deserves best-in-class products and services to be independent, healthy, and live to his or her fullest potential, and contribute to the wholesome development of India. R2D2 is the TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development at IIT Madras focused on enabling human movement in the disability space.

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