India’s per capita energy consumption is very small compared to that of the world average. But as the income increases, the energy needs of middle and upper-middle income people is increasing rapidly, especially as they increasingly use air-conditioning. On the other hand, the rural and the lower income people consume much less energy. The energy needs of India is primarily from coal and petrol, diesel, oil and gas, basically fossil-fuel based.   Today the damage caused by Green House Emissions resulting into rapid climate-change is quite evident and there are efforts all over the world to move away from the use of fossil- fuel. The per-capita emissions of India is far lower as compared to the world average. But as the Indian population is large, the total emission is not as low. Also, as the energy usage increasing rapidly, the total emissions is increasing rapidly. Thus India cannot afford to sit- back.   The presentation will provide a glimpse of how India can move towards use of 100% Renewable Energy. It will also talk about how adoption of solar-DC systems could be used to provide energy needs of every rural household rapidly.

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